We’re creating innovative ways for people to access the medical and mobility equipment they need and deserve.


We’re all about finding solutions for those desiring the highest-quality medical and mobility equipment at the best possible prices. Many of us who work in this industry agree that the equipment pricing and selection process is flawed. Ridiculously inflated prices have made a tough situation worse. What we don’t agree on is how to fix it.

The prevailing thought has been to pay equipment medical suppliers less and let them figure out how to recoup costs. All this does is squeeze the consumer. You end up with less access to product, less choice and less service.

This does not sit well with us. We know you want more and deserve better. That’s why we’re eliminating the confusing and confining model where someone else often chooses your medical equipment. At the heart of our vision are these powerful goals.

CHOICE. Offer plenty of options to fit the unique needs of individuals.

SIMPLICITY. Create a painless shopping experience with lots of information.

VALUE. Provide great equipment and service at the best prices.

EMPOWERMENT. Let you determine what's best for you, with guidance as needed from our product experts, and not leave these important decisions to others.


So, how do we make it happen? Here are a few ways we bring our vision to life.

  • Products for nearly every budget. We partner only with top brands that share our commitment to choice and service, making sure they meet our standards before they help us meet yours.
  • Outstanding product expertise. Our product experts are the best and brightest, with a minimum of five years and in some cases more than 25 years experience. That's a ton of knowledge to help you at every turn.
  • Consumer confidence. Our online shopping experience is simple, straightforward and seamless.You know what you're getting for your money. Because we're accredited by the Joint Commission, we can courtesy file some Medicare or insurance claims at no additional cost to you. That makes your life even easier.
  • Great work environment. We look for smart and good people for our team. Good people treat customers well.

We have found that if we simply focus on these four things, everything else falls into place. Good staff treat our customers well. They provide great advice and they care that the customer finds the right product. When customers understand that we only sell great products and we only charge more when there is a reason to charge more, they can make their purchase with confidence.

Why Choose Us?